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Frequently asked questions:

How long is it?
We run classes year round.
We measure every 6-9 weeks either in person or virtually by zoom privately. All measurements are kept in my app.
How long are the workouts?
Bootcamp classes are 30 min. Tabata Cardio Classes are 20 min.
Where is it located?
All classes are held at 297 Oak Ridge Turnpike or Virtually
Click here to register for MWF either 6am or 9am
Do we have to join the location like a gym?

Is it refundable?

Is there nutrition guidance?
Yes! absolutely! It's the 80-20 rule with nutrition being the 80% of the success so I always offer guidance

Do we have to measure?
NO! HOWEVER, why not be all in? Give yourself a chance to be proud of yourself!

Can the kids measure?
Yes, but I don't offer that unless specifically requested, I'm big on kiddos just being kiddos and thank the LORD they are all different shapes and sizes, but if you're wanting to help them get weight down, I'm all for a baseline!

Is it like military bootcamp?
LOL no...but it is a great workout and a lot of fun in a group! I love running bootcamps!

Will you be offering different times?
We have 2 times currently 3 days a week:

MWF 6am
MWF 9am
We also offer 2 20 min. bonus cardio classes Tues and Thurs at 8am

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