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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

VIRTUAL reBOOT Bootcamp MWF 6&9am

BodyBySprat where Healthy Looks Good on Everyone!

  • 10 US dollars
  • Virtually streaming our live classes! 297 Oak Ridge Turnpike Oak Ridge, TN

Service Description

RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT. BodyBySprat Health & Wellness along with all owners and employees of any affiliation of this company or Danya Powers, which includes owner of any facility this class is filmed or viewed at as well as owner of said location and owner of BBSB Danya Powers. The person named, aka me, on the registration of this class wishes to use the coaching services operated by BodyBySprat Bootcamp (BBSB) virtual classes. BBSB wishes to ensure to the fullest extent possible that they are not sued or held liable for injuries sustained by users of any coaching service. I, as the registrant of this class, make this release and agreement on my behalf, and on behalf of anyone who would be able to sue if I were injured while using or attending virtual or in person coaching sessions. In return for being allowed to use BBSB services, I agree and acknowledge as follows: 1) Training carries with it some risk of serious injury, including even in rare cases death. The risks include, but are not limited to those caused by over exertion, the equipment use, the location/terrain, staff mistakes and actions of other users: 2) I assume all risk of attending virtual or in person coaching/training; 3) I understand that BBSB and its coach IS relying upon the agreements and representations I herein make; 4) I release BBSB and CEDS from any and all claims, including negligence claims and claims relating to personal injury or property, arising out of my use or attendance at any virtual or in person coaching session, except I do not release reckless or intentional tort claims; 5) I agree to indemnify BBSB or Danya Powers or anyone else brings a claim against BBSB due to injuries I receive due to my using virtual or in person coaching services (“indemnify” here means to reimburse BBSB for any sums they have to pay and expenses/fees they incur due to an injury claim relating to me); and 6) I have carefully read this document and understand it. With knowledge of the risks involved and the rights I give up, I waive the rights I might otherwise have, I freely sign this document by purchasing a reservasation in this class. I hereby expressly waive the right or opportunity to bargain for different release and indemnification terms. By continuing with this purchase, I, fully acknowledge that I have a physicians approval to attend this class and that I have read and agree to all of the conditions listed above.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations you must give 1 hour notice. If there is an emergency, please contact me ASAP and we can reschedule.

Contact Details


297 Oak Ridge Turnpike USA

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