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Inspiration Sunday: How to stay inspired when you're feeling uninspired

Welcome to my blog! If you're visiting my site for weight loss and happen across my blog, I hope you know weight loss is a well rounded journey of self-discovery. And that's where this blog came from. A thought process along with the weight loss. It's a journey! I've had my ups and downs in many times throughout these 41 years. My gratitude journey is something I've felt is shareable, and perhaps today this finds you in a state I've experienced so often...very uninspired. And that's where today's Sunday Inspiration was born.

So how do you stay inspired, when you feel depleted and don't FEEL inspired? I would love to tell you this is a different reason for everyone to stay inspired. Or that if you just turn to this person or that person magic inspiration happens! But one of the reasons we start to feel uninspired is because we stop moving toward our goal. For me it's happened at different stages of the journey and honestly not just with my fitness life. I'm near where I want to be, and then I have a slide back and a slide back, one book I've read refers to this as 'drifting', and then before we know it, all of those good habits have slipped away from us. Another reason I've stopped moving is I have let family situations, or financial situations steer my every thought. There may be a piece of you that's like, "but that's understandable", and it truly is. My kids can become an easy crutch, when I let them. I have active kids and my schedule gets overwhelming. And believe me I have let myself drift, but if I don't continue to move forward, what do my kids see? It's a very 'cats in the cradle' moment. When my finances have struggled, it's easy to ONLY think about that mortgage payment looming. But there are ways to help us not drift too far before we are back on track.

You can read inspirational books. I have 2 favorites that I go to, The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson, a short but inspiring read, reminding us all who we are. The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews was an incredible book for me that helped me to realize everything I want lies within me just NOT QUITTING. You can listen to inspiring audios, There's some great podcasts out there. Joe McGee has a great one called 'Fighting for Families', and he cracks me up! Don't underestimate the power of laughter when you're feeling less than inspired! These two things, reading daily for 15-20 minutes or more and listening to at least one audio is a huge part of my habits to keep the fire burning. But the clear reality is that if I'm also not taking that daily ACTION that could be a daily workout, a walk, or keeping my food in check, I'm going to drift. "You can't stay 100% all of the time!" I hear often. I'm gonna flip that on you, actually you CAN, but it's what is entailed in that 100% that you have to decide. Make your 100% an achievable 100%. I'll be perfectly frank here and tell you this is why a personal trainer comes in so handy, if you're truly utilizing their gifts. We can help design a 100% plan around your world that will be achievable.

Many times clients complicate the process by changing their food plan or changing their workout plan because they are "not losing", and I am totally in agreement that if something is NOT working, perhaps we need to change a few things and tweak a few things. BUT, and it's a big BUT, don't change it if you haven't actually consistently worked the program given for 90 days with no results. After 90 days and you're not getting the results you want, lets change it up. If you have children, this should be even more of a priority. I think people blindly believe that they will start a healthy lifestyle after their children leave home or life gets "less busy". The problem with that thinking, is that it's never going to be "less busy", in fact as they get older, you get MORE busy! However, you've indirectly taught them how they should live. Please don't think that you've taught them how to be healthy, if daily food and fitness are not a daily part of your world. If you're struggling with obesity, like I was, you have to stop and think about the legacy you're leaving them, without even realizing it. There's the slim chance that you'll have them decide to choose a healthy lifestyle, but it's more likely they will "monkey see monkey do it." I think having grown children has been more eye opening than anything for me. I see that I've instilled healthy eating, healthy working out, both of my adult children are mindful of their food and in incredibly good health, and the younger ones are coming along. But within that I see some major bad habits as well, "monkey see monkey do" happens whether we know it or not. What is the legacy you want to leave? Guess what, if you start changing TODAY, they will also start changing with you because of "monkey see monkey do".

So maybe this found you uninspired today. Can I just say to you, I understand. Take 60 seconds and throw your baby fit about it, I do that too, and then get up, and go for a 20-30 min brisk make you sweaty walk, clear your thoughts and emotions and for the REST of the day, make good food choices. If you feel uninspired tomorrow, do it again, maybe add one of my quick workouts to your day, I even have a short 4 minute HIIT that will change your day, or a 15 minute yoga on my YouTube channel. (I don't have a lot of workouts posted because I save them for my private online client services) But after 4 days of doing just this, you'll feel better, inspired, refreshed, and ready to take it all on again. You can always join one of my FREE FB challenges to get yourself moving again as well!

What does gratitude have to do with any of this? A grateful spirit is one who realizes the precious gift this life is. Does this mean you NEVER EAT SWEETS?! Of course not! It just means you've realized there needs to be the decision that you're committed to working out before you consume it, otherwise, DROP IT and walk away. Enjoy sweets! Food is a HUGE connector in our world, and I'm such a foodie and love to cook. But FITNESS can also be a HUGE connector, especially for your family.

So summed up, to stay inspired take daily action and stay in the mode of being grateful for being awakened today! Smile a lot, there is someone who's entire DAY will change when you meet their eyes and smile at them.

Stay grateful. Stay humble. Stay in the mode of always becoming the best YOU! Here's to you and the ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE day ahead of you!

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