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I have officially lost my Shi...ft keys

I haven´t blogged for a LONG time. Well, not published.

At first it was because I had a lot of life and tragedies happen all in a row, and I felt everything I wrote came back to those finalities, and were not good.

And then my shift keys broke. Literally... they quit working. You would think I would have gotten myself a new computer, but I still endure opening the virtual keyboard LOL, I am currently typing on my son´s Chromebook. That is it´s own array of frustration. Chrome users feel me here.

But, with 2020 being what it has been and everyone needing connection more than ever, I felt led to again pick up the proverbial pen, if you will. So here we go!

I hope 2020 has opened your eyes like it has mine to what really matters. To treasure time like you never have and to show you that even YOU can pause, and 2020 taught me that i should in fact make that a priority.

The level of emotions I have walked over the last 6 months has been unprecedented in spike and depth. What about you? Highest highs? Lowest lows?

Yea me too. The year has felt upside down for me.

But I have been very blessed this year. My BBS business has grown, almost doubled, and I finally left the gym that I had been loyal to for 15 years. I should have left long long ago, but I loved the members. But as soon as I left, so many

doors opened. Doors I didn't even know were there or had considered. Funny how that works. Holding onto something, when all you had to do was let it go so your hand could open to the next opportunity.

At some point, due to covid, all of my clientele and bootcamps became virtual. I fought so hard to make that experience amazing for them that the bootcampers and several of the clients wanted to keep it that way. What an extraordinary thing to consider! Or was it? So we did just that and we have made it work and work really well. I am very very proud of the virtual side of my business and very proud of the community created by these amazing and wonderful people in my life. So now I am growing a virtual bootcamp facet of my business and am training people all over the country. It feels good to help so many people.

Incredible right? God is pretty amazing.

I never actually missed a step with anything, note even school for my kids, we were on it...except I really missed church, and I missed my ministry work, and that is still not what it was, but it still brings me tremendous joy. And people are slowly coming back.

If I am truthful, I am very tired of masks. I feel like my masks weigh 400 pounds and I get emotional wearing them. I feel like it is a constant reminder that things have changed and I never feel like I am allowed to be me in a mask. People can´t see me, and I can´t see them. So I find that I do not really go the places I used to, and see the people I know. It is actually physically painful for me. I get emotional. Do you?

Don´t misunderstand. I wear my mask. My family wears their mask. But I miss smiles. I miss seeing words being created by peoples mouths opening my mind to an even bigger understanding of what they are saying to me. Instead of saying, ¨What?¨ every two seconds because I hear muffled mumble. I miss their beautiful faces, and I miss hugs, and I miss feeling I can be me.

BUT I am so thankful for 2020. There have been so many incredible lessons. My eyes have been opened to being part of and supporting local businesses. The new gym I am training at was opened by my best friend, and it´s small and perfectly imperfect. 2020 ensured it would be a success without a doubt! If we can open a gym during a pandemic, anything is possible. We have supported so many local restaurants and given money to so many local business through this. It has made me very aware of how little I actually did that before. Lesson learned! Shop LOCAL!

My kids have been resilient. Never complaining, never being unkind, and never once have they tried to USURP all the new rules. It is humbling for me. My two youngest are both brown. We have already dealt with racism this year in school, and yet they forge on...with a smile...under their 400 lb mask...making me believe everything is going to be ok...

...And I will keep growing and spite of losing my shi....ft keys.

God Bless!

About the Author Danya Powers:

A mom and business owner, I have been working with people in the fitness arena since 2004.  I am not a magazine cover model, I'm a mom of 8, 3 biologically mine, 2 of my heart, and 3 in my new marriage. I'm passionate about getting people to the next level. I'm just like you, fighting against globesity one person at a time.  We are all created for more, to be more, and to inspire more, even you! I've been blessed with so many incredible mentors and coaches in my life, and it has radically changed my health from the inside out.  My own struggle with food addiction and depression has become something I have turned into my secret weapon of strength, and I use it to help people like you overcome your own demons.  Life is such an incredible gift, I would love to be part of helping you remember that, or perhaps realize it for the first time.  Healthy really does look good on EVERYONE!


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