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My Poof Moment...

I have started so many blogs over the last 2 years. I think the pandemic pushed me to focus so much on migrating my business to zoom life and then the best way to come out of zoom life that I lost sight of the need to create...the need to express or invite you into my world a little more intimately.

Reality. I have not been inspired to write.

Not really.

So I have been seeking the things to inspire me. I had several friends pass away over the last couple of years. It's had me wondering, what would people say about me when I'm gone.

My friend Tracy passed away very unexpectedly this last year. It was probably one of the biggest shockers. She was larger than life, very personable and very kind. She was very thoughtful. Literally one of the last things she did was give me a fitness gift, and then the next thing I knew, she was gone. I had just thanked her for them, and then poof...she's no longer here for me to thank or laugh with...

What would I say about me?

Have I been kind enough to people, exuded enough love that they would even feel the impact of my poof?

Have you?

Covid hurt my business. It hurt a lot of businesses. The inability to function normally sent me on a path of straw grasping. What always had worked, now no longer had permission to work. A lot of people got angry. I didn't get angry, I adapted quickly. It helped. I was hopeful. But it's hard to keep motivated what you cannot high five. It's hard to keep focused what you can meet eyes with.

Coming back in person was amazing for me, and my classes. But I, along with many other businesses, kept the hybrid, the virtual, and the real.

It makes life interesting becoming dependent and staying dependent upon technology. In many ways it's helped me. A kiddo that needs to stay home can still log into dance. Someone that travels can still come to bootcamp or yoga.

In some ways, I am incredibly thankful for the hybrid...but how does one connect intimately virtually.

I had the privilege to photograph a virtual school teacher as she did last day awards virtually with her students. They did awards first, really taking the time to praise each student for something unique they brought to the table. And then the fun self deprecation experience ensued for the entertainment of these students that had hung in there all year with them. Her and her virtual partner teacher played egg roulette (some eggs are boiled some are not and you write numbers on them and then draw numbers, find that egg and smash it on your head hoping it's not raw), got a "pie int the face" and then they did the ice bucket challenge as well. In that order...which made sense, gross, and then washed off. All done outside in the heat of impending summer. The kids laughed from their zoom boxes and seemed to really enjoy it so much. I remember thinking, this was a creative way to make this more invite these children into their lives as teachers...

And then there's Tracy...

She was a French teacher. As far as French teachers go, I had one that was like Tracy. Lively! Hilarious! Edgy! and I had one that was horribly boring. She was a what we call the south "bless her heart". She never made anything fun and made us just watch Disney movies in French to pass the minutes hours and days together.

Tracy had flamingos and feathers and life was Ooooo lala all the time.

I watched these teachers sacrifice not only time, but a little bit of dignity and over the top hilarity to create connection...

And from what I could see, the kids would be telling their families all about it because it was such a memorable experience for them to be with these people who were giving so much of themselves.

People leave my services often, as often as other people come into my services. I offer what I call "fluffy" services, not a necessity for everyone. Fitness is a luxury for many. For me, it's life, and it's always been life. I don't recall not ever being a gym member, because it was a necessity for me. When I taught it was because my husband, at the time, started mentioning the cost of the gym, I found out teaching would allow me a "free" gym membership, and thats how this all began. Teaching became a way I could always be a gym member. But every time someone leaves my services, I am always concerned I didn't do enough for them, and that’s why they leave. That's not always the case, but it's been true from time to time. For others, it's not as much a necessity as it was for me. Fitness is where I hid from the hard things, but also got to know my longest best

As I write this, I wonder. Does a blog create an intimacy for you and I? Do you see into my soul a little more? Enough so that I can speak life over you and let YOU know that you matter? That your life is important...and that you without question would be so missed in the moment that you poof and step into your next great adventure...

I want to believe that...

and in believing that, can I say that to my lifelong best friend...?

Danya, your life is important, and you without question would be so missed the moment you poof from this realm...

I have missed all of you. I'm looking forward to a beautiful rest of summer, and the many adventures that fall will hold...

May you always remember, your life is so important to everyone and everything around you.

About the Author Danya Powers:

A mom and business owner, I have been working with people in the fitness arena since 2004. I am not a magazine cover model, I'm a mom of 8, 3 biologically mine, 2 of my heart, and 3 in my new marriage. I'm passionate about getting people to the next level. I'm just like you, fighting against globesity one person at a time. We are all created for more, to be more, and to inspire more, even you! I've been blessed with so many incredible mentors and coaches in my life, and it has radically changed my health from the inside out. My own struggle with food addiction and depression has become something I have turned into my secret weapon of strength, and I use it to help people like you overcome your own demons. Life is such an incredible gift, I would love to be part of helping you remember that, or perhaps realize it for the first time. Healthy really does look good on EVERYONE!

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Would you be missed? 1000% YES!!! You are one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever met and I truly value your friendship. I have never in my life participated in a exercise class. I loved the idea of it, but questioned my ability to not look like an idiot next to everyone else. As I’ve gotten older I even questioned if my body could do it. (When was the last time I jumped?🤔) You encouraged me; helping me believe that yes I can do it and yes I’ll fit right in. You also made it clear that you would be right beside me the whole way. (No hiding in the back) As a result my body feels stronger, more reliable…

Me gusta
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