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Monday Munchies: An indulgent post workout treat

Post workout is so critical. The body needs the glycogen restored to repair YOU. So never skip Post Workout snacks or meals. Hopefully if you're working with a trainer, they have programmed snacks into your food, and you can utilize those as post workout. I'm an XS Chocolate protein powder girl, but when I get a little burned out on protein powder, this is my treat post workout, and especially after a stressful day. For me, today was incredibly stressful, so making this became a decision later in the day after having my daughter make a HUGE life changing decision, having to make an incredibly hard call myself, and homeschooling the boys and teaching 6 classes. Reality is that protein powder is not for everyone either, and that's OK! For me, sometimes I just need a little treat, and I wanted to share with you on My Monday Munchies Blog!

This is so easy, and so yummy. Hitting all of my crave factors, AND the honey crisp apples are my favorite for this treat. I hope you enjoy!

1 crispy apple, diced up, skin on (my favorite is honey crisp)

1 Tablespoon all natural (no sugar added) peanut butter, almond butter is fine as well

2 Tablespoon, about 24 chocolate chips (My favorite is the Enjoy Life Dark chocolate Morsels)

put the apple in a bowl

I heat up the peanut butter until it's hot enough to melt chocolate (15-30 seconds)

Drizzle it over the apple

and then sprinkle the chocolate chips

stir the melty crunchy goodness

and enjoy, it's incredibly filling

You're welcome!

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