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Sunday Inspiration: The Journey of YOU

I was in an online meeting the other day. There was advice brought across the conversation for someone who has decided to get on a weight loss kick, common January convo. And one of the ladies said "It's little decisions that lead to big results, so only change little things. If you make big changes you'll just fail...etc" and I almost didn't say anything, but do want this friend to succeed, so I had to interject...because it's not exactly true.

It is little things, little decisions, BUT ONLY if we are consistent with them. It's daily.

If you decide for 30 days you're going to not eat out, and only eat food you cooked, that's a little decision backed by consistency. This will yield results. The little decisions of today I'm not going to have soda, but then the next day you have 2, this literally gets you nowhere.

Weight loss is a journey.

It's a decision backed up by CONSISTENT action that yields success for ALL things. Weight loss is no different. People say "delayed gratification" for finances, but rarely for weight loss, and yet if we can have the fortitude of long term vision of what we want for our weight loss goal TRUE VISION, we can put the french fry down; we know our ultimate goal is to lose weight. Put the vision of what you really want into your mind, to be healthier, to not battle obesity and all that comes with it; the french fry should now weigh a million pounds in your hand, and you have the strength to put it down.

This month is a month of renewal.

I personally join my church in a 21 day fast. I am totally not steering you to do this, however I do this for various reasons. Honestly, after the holidays, re-establishing discipline in my mind AND body become so important to me. I do it for personal spiritual reasons as well, so don't misunderstand my purpose. But the discipline that follows after that 21 days always sets a pace for the year, and I crave that 21 days with a passion somewhere near the end of December. I long for order and less indulgence.

Did you set goals for the precious year of 2018?

How are they working for you?

I want to make sure you know that I'm cheering you on.

If you just have the courage to finish so you can share your story, I believe you'll find the permanent success that you seek.

This is a NEW year. And it's yours to either bring the old bad stuff with, or to make it ALL new.

I believe in you.

And I'm here if you ever need a cheerleader or just a virtual high five.

You've got this.

Stay grateful. Stay humble. Stay in the mode of always becoming the best YOU!

Here's to you and the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING YEAR ahead of you!

Healthy Looks Good On YOU!


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