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10 Things I Wish I´d Known About Working in the Fitness Industry 5 Years Ago

As I was working out with my virtual bootcampers this morning, and seeing their laughs and sweat and groans I kind of started thinking man, 5 years ago I could have been doing virtual bootcamps too! It´s so fun and I love the commradery that they have formed. It´s so fun just spending time with them.

But it got me thinking, There are more things I wish I had known about in the fitness world 5 years ago. And it is not all reps and macros and science.

1. Obviously the virtual world. It´s amazing. My people roll out of bed, get their workout in, their day started even before their families are up. 30 minutes, in and out, boom! I even do many private training sessions, and yoga classes as well! I would look back and say jump on this! But maybe now was the time, who knows right?

2. How much surrounding yourself with the right people in the fitness industry impacts your mental well-being. For 15 years I dedicated myself to a company that could never see anything except money. I left. And now? Right people. Right things are happening. And as I look at my unchewed nails, I am feeling so blessed to not be stressed about watching my back or watching other people hurt by a company.

3. My body is going to change, and it is important as a fitness leader to embrace and work with those changes. Stop fighting and start observing. Change eating to adjust to changes, and exercises to adjust to changes. And don´t self-condemn while I work on every little adjustment. Beauty is not attached to a size. Neither is competence.

4. Going through a divorce again won´t kill you, or destroy your fitness career even though the 2 were so incredibly intertwined. BodyBySprat was OUR baby. Who would stay with me? 5 years ago, I crawled into such a pit of shame as I walked the divorce dance. I would say, yea this sucks, but you can never become who you are supposed to trying to hold onto something that´s so broken it´s just sand and you will see that if you open your hand. Let go. Cry. Heal. But Let GO. And BBS will rebuild itself.

5. The empty nest syndrome hits with EVERY child, not just the first and last.

I´m emotional following my 15 year old around. He is such a great kid. And man my heart aches at his very soon departure. It´s ok to skip a workout or two or a client session or class to spend that extra moment with your kiddo.

6. You are stronger, not weaker, every year. And people can see that, and are inspired by that. So Keep Going.

7. Your car will not last longer than 10 years. Get a new one. LOL, man I drive the wheels off of a car for clients!

8. Group fitness doesn´t define you. At least not outside of what you decide is your definition. I think I was terrified to lay this down. Worried that others parameters was what defined me in the fitness industry. Is there something you´re holding onto that you think defines you? I would say go ahead and pick it up and make it your own, not let it be defined by someone else.

9. The right people will stick with you. Let the others go. They do not want to be on this ride, and it isn´t personal. Paths diverge. Don´t lose sight of yours when others stop walking beside you. The fitness industry strengthens you through the pain. It´s a steady companion as people come and go.

Keep building. Keep growing.

10. God is always there in the hard work. Everything You are doing will be worth it. Every drop of sweat. Every hard client. Every hard class. Every pain. It will be worth it.

About the Author Danya Powers:

A mom and business owner, I have been working with people in the fitness arena since 2004.  I am not a magazine cover model, I'm a mom of 8, 3 biologically mine, 2 of my heart, and 3 in my new marriage. I'm passionate about getting people to the next level. I'm just like you, fighting against globesity one person at a time.  We are all created for more, to be more, and to inspire more, even you! I've been blessed with so many incredible mentors and coaches in my life, and it has radically changed my health from the inside out.  My own struggle with food addiction and depression has become something I have turned into my secret weapon of strength, and I use it to help people like you overcome your own demons.  Life is such an incredible gift, I would love to be part of helping you remember that, or perhaps realize it for the first time.  Healthy really does look good on EVERYONE!


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