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Sunday Inspiration: YOU-topia

I have started many blogs this summer, but not finished any. It’s ok to be that transparent. I missed writing you all. But it just didn’t happen. I woke up this morning in a quiet home, made a pot of coffee, had some awesome time with God, and then picked up a book called “The Giver”. It’s my son’s first book he is to read this year. And I was planning to read it to make sure it was ok, but mostly so I could answer any questions he might have. I was fascinated by the concept of the book. It is about a utopian society. It may be a spoiler to say in order to create a utopia, human life has to be expendable. That may sound strange, but think about it. Anything that changes perfection, must be eliminated. Everything must be predictable, or perfection cannot be achieved. It ended leaving you making your own ending in your mind with what happens to the main character. My hope is that he found the perfectly imperfect life he sought...

perfection is always built on lies. But as I read this morning, my youngest kiddo, came out in his underwear. Poured himself a cup of coffee, curled up under my blanket with me and opened up his chapter book and began to read. This is not uncommon for us on a Sunday Morning. But this morning I found myself staring at him. He will be twelve on Friday. He plays with his curls when he reads. His eyebrows are out of control. He loves the book he’s reading. He kept getting tickled and would laugh. And I kept watching him. Loving him. Without him knowing I am sitting there doing the creepy mom stare. LOL He sat. Sipping his coffee. Turning the page. Giggling. And this thought hit me. There was nowhere else in the world, I would rather be right now. The rest of my home sleeping. Minus the occasional animal running like mad during a moment of reckless play. But me and my little dude. Sipping coffee, and reading. No words needed. My perfect imperfection that I have fought so hard for. I have worked an incredible increase of hours this summer. Probably more than I have ever worked. I was helping build up another business while I continue to build up mine. And summer just was gone before I knew it. I have mapped out more workouts and food plans than I could count. I have helped so many clients, tripled the yoga side of my business... But here is this boy-smelly kiddo giggling and playing with his curls. And all I can think is that this moment, unplanned, is perfect. I have caught many clients tears, prayed for, prayed with and walked 2 clients through a major unexpected loss...and all of those moments, filled up my days, and some nights in the last 3 months... But I love what I do. I love every every second. And I do all of it so I can have the moments like this...and I’m knee dropping thankful for all of the people God has put into my life so I could be right here. I don’t crave a Utopia. I crave knowing I’m doing everything I can to show my family I love them. I crave making the people I am blessed to work with feel loved. I don’t seek or desire a Utopia. I pray all of my children and clients know perfection should never be the end goal. Peace. Contentment. Thankfulness. Joy. Acceptance of all that is perfectly imperfect. Here’s to the coming fall. Here’s to the many many special moments ahead. Stay grateful. Stay humble. Stay in the mode of always becoming the best YOU! Your thankful spirit is your YOU-topia. Here's to you and the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING FALL ahead of you! Healthy Looks Good On YOU! ~d If you like the post, be sure to like or comment and share! And click subscribe so you don't miss a blog post! 

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