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Sunday Inspiration: Holding Strong...Holding On

I’m literally posting this from my phone. My laptop had a run in with coffee and I feel naked without it. But the show must go on and winners win. So mobile blogging...let’s dance! 

It’s a rainy Sunday. I am traveling home from a business meeting with my beautiful daughter at the helm. I love our friendship. I love being entrepreneurs together. I own two businesses and this weekend I was working in my supplements network marketing health and wellness business. We had a team meeting and a lot of incredible leaders taught. One couple really impacted me with their words: If you want results, you have to make an honest effort. You can’t cheat. You can’t cut corners. Work to overcome that spirit of pride, of entitlement, and that feeling that someone is always out to get you... It got me to thinking about my journey. That sense of entitlement and pride. As if somehow I didn’t need to do the work but still deserved the success as if I did. Boy have I been guilty of it. Have you? What do you want MOST vs. what do you want NOW? Do we actually take the time to stop and look at that? Or do we constantly lie to ourselves? We program ourselves for failure or success based on what we say and do. We can’t lie to ourselves or fool ourselves, it’s called programming. Our mind cannot be fooled. Ever. What program are you running? You know life has taught me that just because it comes at me and knocks me completely down doesn’t mean it’s NOT just means I have to want it bad enough. Do you gave a goal? Do you have a deadline? Yes? Then make an honest effort. Don’t cheat. Don’t cut corners. Say to yourself right now: I Am Worth It And when the day gets hard, and temptation to become complacent kicks in. Stop. SAY ‘I AM WORTH IT!’ AGAIN. Say it until you believe it. I don’t know what brought you to my blog. Perhaps you seek incredible inspiration. I am just me. Walking this incredible journey called life. Failing as often as I can so that success finds me. And I am so glad our paths crossed. 

But my hope is that you just need a small thread to hold onto that’s the reminder: Hang In There. You’re Worth It. God is the author and finisher of our faith Not you Not me Which means your story will be finished in the best way...

We just have to get started

and then make the bold decision NOT to quit.  Just hold on...

Stay grateful. Stay humble. Stay in the mode of always becoming the best YOU! Here's to you and the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING YEAR ahead of you! Healthy Looks Good On YOU! ~d

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