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Sunday Inspiration: The Brown Banana

That probably sounds like the weirdest title. But I have been thoughtful and reflective for 2 weeks, praying what to write you all. 

Ever been to the store, and on the end somewhere in the produce section are the brown bananas, on sale for $.39? Do you just walk past? I think a lot of people do. 

My family gets so excited when they see the brown bananas. Because they know I can make some of the best muffins ever, but only from these almost ‘dead’ brown bananas. I mean their next step is garbage or compost, banana death, if you will.

We buy 2 big bunches for $.70 and I will make 6-7 dozen muffins and freeze them for my family to always have a treat.  Out of these humble fruits, come some of my family’s favorite things. 

But as I was unwrapping these bruised and soon broken bananas, my mind went past the batter, and I realized how much each precious offering of these brown bananas represented in my life.

We are so full of incredible potential, even until our dying breath.

These bananas don’t even peak in fullness of flavor until just before their last moment of life. When used in their last moments for food, their fullest potential is ultimately realized. And for those who make banana baked treats, it’s amazing and delicious, perfection. 

These discards are actually within their crowning moment. Aren’t they?

I was thinking not just about my life as I cooked. I thought about Billy Graham, and how some of his sweetest moments came before he was a brown banana, but it was when he was a brown banana that they were the most noted. His life was full, complete. 

And then I begin to think about the many green bananas of life. Young souls that you couldn’t actually even use to cook with, because they are too green, and yet, their life is taken. No potential seen. 

And then I wondered about my Dad. His death was 2 years ago today. He was 64. He still had so much potential ahead of him. It was stolen by an enemy that used cancer as his weapon. 

You’re probably where is she going? Are we all bananas now? 

We are all a little bananas LOL. But our potential, man do you ever just walk terrified you’re keeping some of it to yourself? 

I don’t want to pass away and still have potential. I want to use every bit of it up! I want my sweetest moments to happen because I exhausted every inch of my life making a difference.

Do you hide your potential? 

I know I have. I have hidden it because I didn’t want to put myself out there. Because I didn’t want to have to change. Every spot on a banana is indicitive of change. The banana just submits. But we fight it don’t we? 

If someone hasn’t told you today, YOU ARE VALUABLE. You’re so important to this story of life. YOU MATTER. People need to see you reach your potential.

Reaching your potential becomes like a popcorn reaction. One person goes, and then another, and then another, all because that first person was within their vision of sight. 

I pray my life reaches its full potential. I pray that my fitness business and marketing business become so huge they reach that one person who would never be reached otherwise and shines bright light on their soul. 

And I pray for you.

I pray courage over you to stop hiding your light. I pray courage over you to own every piece of your potential. Michelangelo said it best “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. ” 

Make the decision to REALIZE and OWN your potential. Live and love in God’s peculiar light. The world needs you. Your perfectly imperfect spotted soul. 

The world needs your brown banana. 

It becomes my hope that we all may become brown bananas. And for the green bananas gone too soon, may we pick up the pieces of their journey and carry it into ours so that their sweet ending is not lost and forgotten.

“I’m still learning.” Michelangelo from his deathbed.  

Stay grateful. Stay humble. Stay in the mode of always becoming the best YOU! Enjoy becoming that brown banana! The best is yet to come!

Here's to you and the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING YEAR ahead of you!

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