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Sunday Inspiration: The Broken Nail

You’re probably wondering if that’s my nail, it is. 

I’m a nail biter. The need to constantly be ‘productive’ is written into my DNA. Nail biting is one of my ‘be still’ habits that help me endure stillness. (Yes this yoga girl said endure lol, stillness is a challenge for me) 

I also don’t like my nails long. They are inefficient and require maintenance when they are, and I do find I unconsciously bite them off when they begin to bother me. 

But this one right here was due to a shaving mishap in the shower. 

Was I shaving my knuckles!? 

Lol no

Just butter fingers while I showered and a drop ‘woop woop woop!’ Caught it and when I did, sliced into my nail. No blood, but incredibly annoying. 

Anyway, this tiny infraction on my hand became a constant focus. I use my thumb if finger and pick pick pick it. If I trim it down, it will go into the quick. If I leave it, my natural ‘pick pick pick’ tendency may also perhaps pull it off into the quick. Or it may snag. Pick pick pick. Head stuck on darn razor nail or trailing back to it often. 

Today was an incredible day. I experienced Holy Yoga and incredible worship and church and learned so many good things about growing into contentment, trusting the Lord, and never giving up. 

And the whole time, my finger and thumb found this annoying broken nail. My new found flaw that has drawn my mental and physical attention. And I had to MAKE myself stop touching it. This annoying flaw had very quickly taken up too much of my focus, even though I know it will be gone by the next 48 hours. 

Why must I obsess with every little

Thing wrong with me? Am I the only person that does this? 

And the word ‘contentment’ had been heaved at me all day. And my pastor said ‘contentment is looking at God and saying to Him -you’re enough-‘...

I’ve chipped away so much of myself over the years. Not tall enough, not thin enough, too young to be a mom, uneducated...never enough...I have become the razor that has caused the flaws to be all I see at times...because I’m not looking up and saying to the everlasting love of my life -who will never hurt me never leave me and never see anything less than beautiful- and saying ‘God, you are enough’.

Why am I sharing my crazy razored nail with you?

Because within all of the journey of this day, this month, these 42 years of life, I know you may have the occasional razored annoying nail causing discontentment. 

“Real contentment is not satisfaction with what you have but satisfaction with your Creator” Andy stanley 

A quote that spoke volumes into my soul today. 

Can I say if you’re picking that flaw, pick pick pick. Stop. Today. And when you start to pick pick pick, choose stop again. 

1. Because of the God that loves you with an Everlasting love, YOU and all of your perfectly imperfect uniqueness ARE ENOUGH. But only if you choose to see Him as ENOUGH.

2. I’m pretty sure by focusing down and not up, you and I are letting beauty and Love and life pass us by. 

Thanks for reading my blog. I do very much love my readers and the messages I get for my love and life ramblings on the journey called life. 

Stay grateful. Stay humble. Stay in the mode of always becoming the best YOU! Let the flaws go. Even the darn razored nails! The best is yet to come! Here's to you and the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING YEAR ahead of you! Healthy Looks Good On YOU! ~d If you like the post, be sure to like or comment and share! And click subscribe so you don't miss a blog post!  

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